Mr. Bob Bradley, the head coach for Egypt’s National Soccer Team, paid a visit to Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE)with his wife, Lindsay. While there he commented on how CCHE was reminiscent of pediatric centers in the United States, attributing this sentiment to the “warm… caring environment” and the “special, spirited and cooperative” staff.

In appreciation of CCHE’s loving environment free, quality care for Egyptian children suffering from cancer, the Bradley’s presented a personal donation to CCHE, noting that these visits had become a part of their holiday traditions. They will be returning to the United States shortly for the holidays and wanted to visit CCHE before their departure, they said.

Making a connection between El-Ahly Club team’s recent victory against Hiroshima in the FIFA Cup/World Club and the medical victories achieved at CCHE, Mr. Bradey affirmed that he felt that both aforementioned entities were “rays of hope” in the midst of turmoil.

Mr. Bradley also made a statement about ECN, expressing his deepest gratitude to the organization and encouraging donors to support CCHE through ECN. “We love coming here to meet our special friends and we would be proud to be a part of ECN… [which] has been a substantial force in ensuring that this great work in Egypt continues…”. Mr. Bradley referred in particular to the CCHE expansion scheme, which will include additional beds, a health sciences academy, a research institute, a radiology unit and a hospice center, among other feats.

Before leaving CCHE, the Bradley’s spent several hours with the children, giving them words of encouragement and delighting both patients and staff with their kindness and strength. To see video documentation of his visit in an ad that Mr. Bradley and his wife made for ECN, please click here.