Please support the naming opportunity program that Egypt Cancer Network 57357 shares with its partners, Association of Friends of the National Cancer Institute (AFNCI) and Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE). The Naming Opportunity program is specially crafted to commemorate your loved ones while simultaneously providing the framework from which CCHE and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) can continue to treat Egypt’s cancer-stricken children. It must be noted that it was from within the ranks of NCI that the notion of CCHE was first born, and it was NCI’s campus that provided the initial training to the CCHE staff.

Several years ago NCI’s administration opted to move all of NCI’s services into one of the two towers in the complex as it was recognized that one of the towers were in dire need of structural renovations. While this decision was made from the perspective of ensuring the safety of patients and staff, it simultaneously made the functioning tower crowded and congested. It was determined that at least five years would be required in order to reinforce the tower and expand on the current NCI campus.

The form in which the campus will be renovated is through the creation of a new structure designated to house 43 out-patient clinics, making space for an anticipated 1600 visitors per day. This new edifice will make room inside the main tower for chemotherapy treatment and other more complicated services and will offer consultation services as well as dispense medication and draw blood. The cost of the complex is estimated at 16 million Egyptian pounds or $2.6 million.

According to Engineer Zaid Al-Baroodi, who oversees the construction of the new complex, once funding is secured then the time needed for the complex to be operational will be cut down to just six months. An increase in funding in the immediate time frame would permit this window presented by Eng. Al-Baroodi to become a reality, and would therefore permit the speedy and efficient delivery of services to patients and restore a healthy environment for both patients and staff. Both the preliminary design and the final design were donated by Look Pavilion Firm and EHAF Consulting Engineers Firm, respectively. The construction phase is already underway.

To date AFNCI, with the help of its partners, has already accumulated a lengthy list of accomplishments pertaining to NCI including the construction of a cytogenetic lab, a pediatric oncology outpatient clinic, the first clinical pharmacy in Egypt, and the initial construction phases of CCHE. AFNCI has also held blood drives, supplied medicines, and hired security and building personnel for NCI, while also supporting radiology services at CCHE and transporting patients to other cancer treatment centers.

AFNCI has also supported CCHE in its design, construction and management, handling all of these tasks and more before involving Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation 57357 (CCHF) and to other CCHE partners like ECN. CCHE still receives much assistance from AFNCI today, particularly in the realm of supporting special projects that distinguish CCHE from other institutions as a leading center for children’s care in Egypt, the region and beyond.

Egypt Cancer Network 57357and AFNCI, herein referred to as ECN, is a U.S. based non-profit,501(c)3 to which all donations made are tax-deductible. Its mission is to provide resources to Egyptian hospitals and non-profit organizations focused on cancer in the areas of patient care, scientific advancement and education.

For more information about naming opportunities at CCHE and NCI, please visit to begin the process. A naming opportunity can be named in the legacy of a family, a loved one or a corporation and can be in the form of rooms, wings and equipment.