At the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357, we have recently installed a new cooling room of a large capacity to safely store all drugs according to manufacturing instructions.

“The newly installed Hospital’s cooling room is the treasury of all the hospital’s stored expensive drugs,” said Dr. Ahmed Elzeiny, automation, and analysis manager, about the installation of the cooling room that is providing secured preservation of all hospital’s stored drugs which are costly and sensitive to specific storage conditions.

Unlike the prior separate refrigerators, the new facility enables the centralized storage of chain medications, ensuring more control of hospital’s resources of costly drugs

The newly installed cooling room offers an optimum capacity that is consistent with the hospital’s needs, unlike the separate refrigerators that are used to offer limited storage spaces.

Moreover, it has enabled the hospital to maximize the safety stock of the chain medications according to hospital’s needs and ensures the constant availability of all needed drugs.

“The new cooling room upholds the safety of medication administration which is one of the crucial tasks in hospitals”, said Mai Khalaf, medication store senior supervisor.

It is equipped with an adjustable monitoring screen that shows optimum temperature range in line with manufacturing instructions offering accurate temperature control and most importantly a secured continuous power supply through its connection to the hospital’s generators.