CCHE57357 has recently acquired the Sonosite XP ultrasound, leveraging the technology to maximize patient safety standards during surgeries. The new ultrasound was a gift by a group of faithful Egyptians supporting the hospital’s prominent role in the field of pediatric oncology in Egypt. “CCHE57357 is achieving a milestone in technology-related patient safety by the adoption of the Sonosite XP ultrasound despite the challenging financial situation of the hospital”, reveals Dr. Magda Azer, Head of the Anesthesia department at CCHE57357, emphasizing the significant function of the new ultrasound.  The new device is known for its reliability, durability, and flexibility but what makes it stand out are the precise images showing all the needed details displayed on its large screen using artificial intelligence.

The new ultrasound provides the surgeon with high–end visualization of a patient’s arteries, veins, and targeted organs through the facility of automatically adjusting the needed scan without any interference of the anesthetist operating it.  For example, achieving a successful needle insertion which is a crucial step for several clinical interventions is determined by the precise guidance of the visuals appearing on the ultrasound screen.   For many procedures, the surgeon needs to be guided through with precision by clear images of patient arteries and veins on the ultrasound screen, enabling him to avoid vital tissue injuries. Such procedures include peripheral nerve local anesthetic injections and insertion of the vascular catheter.  The new technology offers a safe, less agonizing experience for patients without the need for a revision of the same procedure.

The new technology carries advantages such as cost-effectiveness, high-speed, and being a harmless medical imaging solution as compared to Xrays and Ct scans which expose patients to radiation . Also, the ultrasound system has an educational portal with a dependable source of medical information and clinical guidelines, which offers the medical operator relevant data for improved patient care.