In a scene that was filled with the joy of achievement, CCHE 57357 staff were applauded upon the announcement of the JCI surveyors panel granting the Joint Commission accreditation for the third time in a row.

During a visit that lasted for a whole week, Joint Commission International surveyors have audited the hospital’s medical and administrative operations, measuring the degree of commitment to excellence across 112 standards for quality of healthcare services set by the JCI organization.

“ The continuous efforts of CCHE57357 ‘s staff were crowned with obtaining the JCI accreditation for the third time”, said Dr. Vineet Luthra, physician surveyor expressing his appreciation for the hospital’s performance level.

The extensive checklist of international standards includes measuring the quality of hospital practices in applying safety measures, infection control, and the application of updated international trends in education, development, research, technology, patients’ rights, and nursing practices.

“Reaching the first accreditation was very challenging and the most difficult was to maintain it for 6 consecutive years, especially during the pandemic, which burdened the hospital with more challenges”, shares Dr. Shaimaa Elmeniawy, Quality director at CCHE57357, revealing that the hospital was praised by the JCI delegation for its performance, especially over the past couple of years.

During the ceremonious event the hospital’s CEO Dr. Sherif Abou Elnaga, thanked the whole staff for their outstanding performance during the difficult periods that the hospital has gone through. It is noteworthy that the hospital is presently seeking to obtain three accreditations with respect to quality namely  CAP for labs, MAGNET for nursing, CCPC, the strongest certification as a specialty center as well as Egypt’s quality certification for Hospitals GAHAR.