A first time ever  in Egypt, CCHE’s proteomics and metabolomics lab receives the American standardization council certification within the span of biological samples and food supplements.

After two years of  hard work the proteomics lab team was able to obtain the ASC’s ISO/IEC17025. The ASC is a non-governmental organization, providing the ISO certification for labs that generate tests.

“The ISO 17025 in mass spectrometric analysis from the ASC, is a milestone that came to ensure that our generated analysis and data related to the accreditation scope meet international standards”, said Dr. Sameh Magdeldin, head of the proteomics and metabolomics research program at CCHE57357.

The recently obtained certification confirm that  lab tests of Vitamin B1and vitamin B2 measurements are accurate.

“The significant accreditation will open up areas of cooperation with external entities, bringing in revenues that would contribute to the treatment cost of patients in the hospital “, said Dr. Sebaey Mahgoub CCHE57357proteomics lab manager. Now the produced tests through our lab are valid globally with no need for re-testing.


The accreditation was given after all required conditions were reported in compliance with the ASC global guidelines. The certification is to be reviewed in 2024.


The proteomics and metabolomics lab at CCHE57357 offers several testing services among them is the detection of commercial fraud and the medication remnants in the biological samples. The Lab’s research services are available to researchers, students and the lab team is collaborating with many external research centers. ​