On 07/07/07, Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE) opened its doors. Five years later, they have accomplished so much. July 7th, 2012 marked the five-year anniversary of CCHE’s establishment. To celebrate the event, CCHE held a day-long festival for its patients and their families on July 3rd, 2012, including a military parade, handicrafts, face painting, a circus show, a choir performance given by the Egyptian National Children’s Chorale, folkloric dances and fireworks.

In attendance were the Minister of Scientific Research, Her Excellency Dr. Nadia Zakhary, and numerous representatives from various Western, Arab and African countries, including Canada, Austria, Kuwait, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Congo, Kenya, Mali, Tanzania, Nigeria and Mozambique. CCHE’s charitable partners and sponsors were also present at the event. In a speech presented to attendees, Dr. Zakhary highlighted the fact that CCHE’s stark success in the field of pediatric oncology had inspired her ministry to look into conducting new research studies focused on cancer. She also deemed CCHE a major role model in redefining healthcare in Egypt and the Arab world.

Mrs. Ola Ghabbour, one of ECN’s esteemed board members, provided those present with a heartfelt welcoming address, in which she expressed profound thanks to donors to CCHE’s endeavors and referenced several key statistics exemplifying CCHE’s successes.

Also representing ECN was Dr. Mark Kieran, also one of ECN’s esteemed board members and the treasurer for our organisation, who was in town at the time. Dr. Kieran, too, made a speech at the event on behalf of ECN which can be seen here.

Dr. Sherif Abouelnaga, CCHE’s Vice President of Research, Academic Affairs and Outreach spoke to CCHE’s need for more donations to support their much-needed expansion project. As Dr. Abouelnaga concluded, the Kuwaiti Chargé D’affaires , Mr. Meshaal Aal Said, presented CCHE with a generous donation to be put towards the expansion.

In order to commemorate this phenomenal anniversary, ECN will be sending a congratulatory banner to CCHE which will hang in the patient area of the hospital. ECN is a proud sponsor of CCHE and wishes the hospital, dedicated staff and patients continued success and prosperity far into the future.