The Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 recently acquired a set of updated medication dispensing machines” Pyxis” for each of the hospital’s floors and for the first time one of which allocated  to dispensing  anesthesia drugs in the operating room. These machines ensure maximizing medication supply control and patient safety standards.

With the BD Pyxis  devices , the new automated medication dispensing procedure  is fully integrated to the hospital’s patient and operation  informatics systems” Cerner” and “Oracle “says Dr. Mohamed Noureldeen, senior clinical pharmacist at CCHE57357.

“The machine maximizes patient safety standards in terms of accurate and timely doses, minimizing human errors and avoiding discrepancies “, shares Dr. Noureldeen regarding  key benefits of the newly acquired  machines.

The process starts with the primary doctor recording the physician’s order in the patient’s file including doses and timing. Then, comes the role of a pharmacy’s dispensing team who verifies the prescribed doses for each patient and scans the names of medications through pyxis scanners and now the system dispenses only the required medication for a particular patient within a given time interval. Moreover, the machine is capable of producing detailed reports of every shift, including the detailed information about the size of the stored remaining medication supply, dispensing dates, and the occurrence of an unusual shortage. As such, the pharmacist can detect the reasons for this discrepancy. Also, the machine is capable of signaling the expiry dates of the stored medications. All of the abovementioned features will contribute to maximizing the patient safety standards and the safeguarding of the resources of the hospital.