Last week on July 21, 2022, CCHE57357 celebrated world’s international food safety day with a 2 day event that captured the attention of local and regional media channels. Under the slogan “Safe food for better health” the event was held on CCHE57357 premises and aimed at raising public awareness about food safety in the Egyptian community. Also, the event addressed food safety applications and challenges in addition to its role in cancer prevention and food safety guidelines in hospitals.

“Consequences of malnutrition and weight loss can lead to mortality in cancer patients”, explained Dr. Sherif Abo El-Naga, CEO of CCHE57357 during his talk about the importance of clinical nutrition for pediatric cancer patients, being a vital part in their treatment journey.  He also stressed the momentous role played by the CCHE57357’s clinical nutrition and food safety teams .

“CCHE57357 is experiencing a marked decrease in hospital length of stay, Dr. Abo-El-Naga added.

“CCHE57357 is a role model in applying the highest standards of food safety as we are dealing with immune-compromised patients due to chemotherapy and or BMT”, said Dr. Gulson Saleh, head of the clinical nutrition department at CCHE57357.

The event was sponsored by the National Institute of Nutrition, the World Health Organization, the World Food Program, UNICEF, the Egyptian Pediatric Society, and the Chamber of Food Industries.

“Over intake of sugar& carbs have serious health implications and can lead to cancer”, highlights Dr. Ayoub Al-Jawalda, Director of the Food Program at the WHO Regional Office , addressing the audience and exposing common habits of unhealthy nutrition. Dr. Gehan Fouad, director of the national institute of nutrition stated that climate change probably affects the food production cycle including food production, transportation, and storage.

On the second day, two workshops addressing the kitchen and food safety have been aired online through the ZOOM application.