125Despite their very young age and modest background, Tahla Village Children demonstrate great sensitivity towards the needs of Society’s less privileged 

Omar, Ali , and  Othman Mohamed Shokry Habeeb, are three young brothers from Tahla Village in El Kalioubia province. Omar, four years old, is the youngest, and Othman, the oldest, is only nine. The three boys heard their uncle talk about Hospital 57357 to his children Maryam and Seif , inciting them to collect money to donate to 57357’s children with cancer. Fueled by a spirit of competition and compassion for the sick children, the three brothers decide to beat their cousins and have their own competition among members of their side of the family. They had also heard about Ahmed El Shabrawy one of their neighborhood’s youth, who is a brain tumor patient receiving treatment at Hospital 57357.    Knowing that a distant family member, Mr. Hany el Deeb actually works at 57357, they informed him about their initiative of collecting money in their moneyboxes and intention to donate it to 57357. Mr. el Deeb, was very surprised and happy with the initiative and decided to further encourage them. “I will pay ten pounds to the one who collects the largest sum!” said Mr. el Deeb.

A month  later, they opened their moneyboxes and counted the money .Omar had collected the largest amount which was 70pounds all in coins .Mr. El Deeb gave the winner ten pounds as promised. But once again the boys surprised him by adding 20 pounds to the total amount they collected to round it up to L.E. 200 and asked him to deliver the donation to 57357.

One Hospital 57357 board member, learning about the three brothers’ initiative, shared with us the following: “To me these are worth 200 million coming from any other donor. Just imagine the meanings behind this donation: the initiative, the belief in our cause, the principles inspired at this age, the creativity of the contest, the implementation of the process to achieve the goal, the courage to give such a donation knowing that millions come from other sources, the scale of about 70 or 80 kids contributing on their own initiative, Truly; an icon of change.”

I was curious to talk to the three boys, the heroes of our story; I managed to get their father’s mobile number. “I donated to save the children of 57357 and I am still collecting money and will donate again and I will never stop donating” said Omar, the oldest. Ali who is only six said: “I was encouraged to donate like my cousins”.