Blood DonationIn early January, ECN’s major partner in Egypt, Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE), hosted an emergency blood drive after facing a major shortage in blood sacks and platelets. CCHE does maintain a database of regular blood donors, but the consistency of donations has been plagued by the political instability that Egypt is witnessing, as well as the mid-term exam season. CCHE was therefore forced to make an emergency appeal to the Egyptian public.

Social media took this public appeal viral within several hours, simultaneously attempting to increase the public’s awareness of the necessity of safe, clean blood and platelet caches which are required to treat cancer in children. The public responded by pouring into the hospital in great numbers, filling CCHE’s blood supply to the brim and bringing many new donors to the database.

CCHE and ECN were both touched by this outpouring of generosity amidst chaotic times, which gave new breath to CCHE’s blood supply and, on a greater scale, reminded people of the importance of solidarity and compassion.

This experience paralleled previous experiences that CCHE has had with the generosity of Egyptians, when CCHE was not yet a reality, but merely a twinkle in the eye of a few visionary leaders in the Egyptian medical community. It was Egyptians that laid the foundation of the hospital together, and today Egypt is the proud owner of the largest children’s cancer hospital in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region. CCHE has recently celebrated obtaining an average cure rate of 70%, nearly achieving the international cure rate of 80-85%. It should also be mentioned that during the uprising that took place in January 2011, it was locals that committed themselves to protecting CCHE from criminal activity.

In the meantime, the shortage in the blood supply has been rectified, but this may become an issue in the future without awareness efforts centered on the culture of blood donation. CCHE continues to feed the donor database with as many donors as possible, and is also preparing to launch an awareness campaign about blood donations and its role in curing children of cancer.

All of CCHE’s treatments are provided to their patients at no cost, in tandem with CCHE’s mission of applying the highest standards of quality and expertise in all operations and processes of diagnosis, treatment, laboratory and pharmaceutical services as well as in blood testing and processing. According to CCCHE, the pursuit of quality is the most important reason behind their success, as exemplified by their exceptional cure rates and excellent reviews.

On behalf of CCHE, ECN thanks you profusely for your commitment to the health of Egyptian children and your swift response to this particular call to action.