There are 5,758 Colleges and Universities in the United States. That’s an average of more than 115 per state. Are you at one of them? If so, join the many student groups at campuses across the country for a competition and a cause. The competition… Who can be the first campus to raise $57,357? The Cause… giving the majority of children diagnosed with cancer in Egypt a chance to live. Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357 (CCHE) has a five year survival rate of 80%. That’s on par with the U.S. and double Egypt’s cancer survival rate. All of their care is free and funded by private charitable donations. But only 1 out of 4 children’s can currently be treated at CCHE 57357 because there simply aren’t enough beds. We need your help to build an extension to this flagship hospital. If we don’t move fast, this will not happen because the hospital is at risk of losing the government donated land for the project if construction doesn’t begin within the coming months. We are turning to students because we know the power of your passion. If you can win a revolution, you can certainly expand a hospital! 25 million Egyptian students each donated 20 cents to Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357, raising 5 Million dollars in a single day. We can do the same here in the U.S. Take the challenge. Email us at to learn how.