Rahma’s father: 57357 was a lifeline for my daughter and for our family. To those who attack 57357 I say: let the Hospital pursue its humanitarian mission for our children

Rahma is a seven year old girl who, thank God, defeated lymphoma cancer and is on the road to cure in 57357. “When I knew that my daughter had cancer, I was desperate and didn’t know how to gather enough money to cover the  the  expensive treatment costs,” recalls Rahma’s father. He goes on: “57357 was a lifeline, everyone there gave me hope in her recovery. Eight months ago,  Rahma was admitted when her turn came; she underwent  medical tests and Dr. Hani Abdel Rahman gave me hope. Thanks to 57357, we didn’t have to worry about our daughter’s treatment. Rahma didn’t feel that we were in a hospital, she didn’t fear the place and never felt upset each time she had to go to the Hospital. Everything in 57357 operates according to a well-defined and set-up system. It felt like the entire Hospital was at the service of my daughter alone: she takes medications according to a precise schedule, gets her checkups in time, and they used to call us at home to make sure that she was taking her medications on time.

People might say that 57357 receives enough donations, it doesn’t need more, and I like to reply to them by saying that 57357 is committed to its patients for as long as their entire life, and before you misjudge it come and visit it and talk with its patients and their families.

Our gratitude to our donors and volunteers who contributed to Rahma’s recovery. Thanks be to God and to 57357, our daughter has recovered and my family has restored its joy of living.

Chatting with Rahma, she reveals:  I feel happy when I come to the Hospital, I have many friends there. Uncle Usama, Islam and uncle Ahmed used to bring me the toys and games I enjoy. Today, , they organized a party to celebrate my recovery that I enjoyed a lot.

“ When I look at my daughter now I remember how different she was back then on the day she was admitted: She was very sick and I thought there was no hope in her recovery, I felt that our lives had stopped. Today as they celebrate her recovery, I realize how we have come along way andhow 57357 lifted up  a great burden, may God grant recovery to all patients like her, shared Rahma’s moher with eyes filled with tears of gratitude.