Arabian Construction Co. as Contractor, and Shaker Consultancy group as local consultant prepare for site mobilization of the administrative and outpatient buildings


Both Contractor and local Consultant were part of the dream Team that built Hospital 57357

At last, the incredible dream of increasing the capacity and programs of Hospital 57357 and turning it into a Health Sciences Campus is about to materialize just before the start of the Holy Month. On Tuesday, May 17, a meeting was held at the Hospital premises to bring together all the companies involved in the launching of construction works of two main buildings of the Campus. Indeed a very hopeful and enthusiastic group namely Contractor Arabian Construction Co ,Shaker Consultancy group and their sub consultants IETC and Al Amar group met with Eng. Adel Youssef, Head of 57357 Group’s Projects to coordinate the schedule for site mobilization of the administrative building and the new outpatient facility.

Contractor Arabian Construction Co. is requested to make ready the two sites for construction before the start of Ramadan including fencing and the transfer of their construction equipment, resources and manpower to the sites.

“I am delighted to be working with this group, who were part of Hospital 57357’s first dream Team which built a unique and exceptional facility for Egypt’s people.” said Eng. Youssef to the meeting attendees. He added that although important challenges lie ahead, he is convinced that they will equally succeed in delivering an outstanding 57357 Health Sciences Campus with this second dream Team.

It is noteworthy that 57357 is embarked on a mega program and capacity expansion project to turn the actual Hospital into a Health Sciences Campus. The new Campus is to include, besides the aforementioned buildings, a Health s and Sciences Training Academy, a 300 bed in-patient Tower and an advanced research Institute. It is expected that the new Campus will enable 57357 to accept 80% of annual pediatric cancer cases in Egypt.

It is also important to mention that both Contractor and local Consultant were part of the first dream Team which built Hospital 57357. Arabian Construction Co. had won the tender for exterior/interior and finishing phase. This was a massive undertaking and the actual 57357 building is a true credit to the company’s desire then to make a difference in the building of healthcare facilities in the region.

As for Shaker Consultancy Group, they were involved early in the design phase of Hospital 57357 to develop the detailed drawings for the electrical mechanical design system, supervising the installation and hand-over for this work. Despite the fact that Dr. Shaker donated his company’s work which exceeded millions of pounds, it has been of the highest caliber and has been praised by all who have