ECN is going to sponsor CT simulation

You can make a difference in the lives and outcomes of a multitude of children with cancer in Egypt and the surrounding region through your donations to ECN to secure the cost of purchasing one important component of the cyberknife radiation technology, the CT simulator. By contributing to the cost of this component, you will speed up the launching of cyberknife radiation treatment technology in 57357 which has the particularity of targeting the tumor with extreme accuracy enabling the usage of higher doses of radiation and consequently offering the patient a better chance for cure. Moreover, this precision in targeting the tumor will preserve the patient’s healthy cells, decreasing the side effects of the treatment and offering him a better future.

The total cost of the simulator is $600,000. You can contribute to covering the cost of this equipment through the purchase of a$1000 share or more. The total amount of shares can be paid in installments over a period of 10 months. In recognition of your contribution, your name will be inscribed in a size that is proportionate to your donation on a designated wall in the cyberknife building as a( Sadaka Garia)or naming opportunity.

CT simulator

Using a state of the art high-speed, high-capacity computer,  the CT simulator helps physicians understand the complex relationship between healthy and cancerous tissues  and to determine the exact location, shape, and size of the tumor prior to be subjected to the cyberknife treatment technology. This is an essential part of the treatment with cyberknife as it provides  the treatment planning system with all the detailed information about the tumor and the surrounding normal tissues with their exact relations while the patient is in treatment position. CT simulation  includes a CT scan of the area of the body to be treated with radiation. The CT images acquired during a scan will be reconstructed and used to design the best and most optimal treatment plan for our patients.

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Total Amount to donate $600,000

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