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Day after day, the challenges that come in the way are on the rise. Nevertheless, our dreams continue to grow hand in hand with our determination to realize them. No matter what the challenges are, our main goal will always be to provide an integrated healing environment for our children with cancer, for free. Despite all the major challenges we face and are able to overcome thanks to your support, donations, and belief in our mission, we never lose sight of offering all means of comfort to our patients, to help them during their tough battle against cancer. As such, the playing area in Hospital 57357’s garden was one of our agenda’s priorities, we work on developing it according to international standards with respect to specifications which take into account their medical condition and maximize their psychological well-being.

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Thanks to the support and donations of our people in the USA and ECN, we succeeded in making a new important addition to the playing area: 25 electric cars offering to more than 100 children, through two in-operation periods, a new perspective to the playground to contribute to raising our children’s morale and improve their psychological condition.                                                             What some people consider luxury, science and evidence-based practices affirm that it is an essential element to support children with cancer in their fight against the disease. We consider 57357’s children as our own, and in Egyptians’ belief, our own children are so precious. No challenges, no matter how serious they are, would drive us away from taking the necessary actions to ensure our children’s happiness and comfort, especially when these actions are considered an important success factor of their treatment journey.

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“A knowledge seeking journey for the triumph of life” is Hospital 57357’s slogan ever since its inception, and the application of evidence-based practices throughout the long and tough cancer treatment journey. These practices are concerned about morale and psychological condition of the patient as much as it is concerned about operation room and treatment doses. As such, no matter how big the challenges we face to offer highest level of and medical care to our children with cancer, it doesn’t prevent us from taking necessary actions to improve their psychological condition.

Thanks to your valuable support, we were able to equip the play area with the newly operating electric cars in Hospital 57357’s garden which is now considered as one of the departments that provide care and treatment to our children . The cars work with batteries, and like all toys, they carry a depreciation rate and need periodic maintenance. With your support and donations, we can ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of these cars and continue to secure all means of comfort, happiness and psychological wellbeing of the children to increase their chances of winning the battle against cancer.

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