Urgent needs
Sponsoring the treatment cost of patients:
The cancer treatment journey is a lengthy one and is not limited to the administration of drugs and the carrying out of surgeries; it is rather a comprehensive care program including healthy nutrition, physical rehabilitation, and socio-psychological care for the child and his family. This program pursues to find steady donors who would cover treatment costs of patients over a long period of time including lab tests, imagery investigations, surgeries, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, artificial limbs, etc. It is noteworthy that the average monthly cost of administered chemotherapy in 57357 amounts to $17000, while the average cost of a brain tumor surgery is $ 1500
For the sake of illustration, please look at the table below which lists some aspects of treatment and their cost in U.S. dollars:
Cost in US Dollars Types of Treatment
335 – 2250 Chemotherapy treatment per child
500 – 780 Radiotherapy treatment per child
17000 Chemotherapy treatment for kids within a month
1500 Neurosurgery operation for one patient
280 small surgical procedure before brain tumor surgery
840 Eye cancer surgery (surgery for replacing the eye with an artificial one)
1200 Liver/kidney surgery(resection of part of the liver /removal of the kidney)
4500 Bone surgery(tumor removal-insertion of joint/limb salvaging)
5600 Sponsor artificial limbs for a kid

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