Because you care as much as we do for the safety of our patients and the success of their treatment journey, thank you for partnering with us in securing the best quality equipment to administer their medication through the smart infusion technology

What is Smart Infusion technology?

This is one of the main tools of administering patients’ needs of intravenous medication in an accurate, precise and controlled manner.The smart infusion technology uses a combination of computer technology and drug libraries to limit the potential for human dosing errors. It is particularly a life – saving tool in the critical care setting as the patient could be needing more than one intravenous drug at a time. The pump itself can carry from 1 to 16 different drugs according to patient needs.

Smart infusion technology can be in the form of infusion pumps or syringe pumps:

Cost of the technology:

The amount of 565 pumps are needed.

With the 565 pumps, we receive for free 1000 intravenous lines sufficient to cover our needs for a 5 year period made of sanitized and safe material which does not react to any of the infused drug solutions .