Psychological care does not only pursue to restore children’s smiles, it is also positively affecting their response to treatment.

The art therapy workshop is a cheerful space, dazzling with colors, decorations, and happy children drawing and designing art crafts. There, you will meet  Passant, Yousuf, Farida, and many more. There, you would encounter expressions of genuine compassion and giving, by volunteering youth and artists who contribute with their time and efforts.

In the art workshop you would come across talented young artists who are supported and encouraged by the Hospital administration which organizes exhibitions of their art works in attendance of famous artists and public figures.

The workshop’s activities delight the children and ease the burden of their long treatment journey. Most of the children keep their relationship with the art workshop after recovery.

Passant was sad when she started to lose her hair because of chemotherapy. When she joined the art workshop she forgot her pains and got engaged with the colors and paint brush. She learned to make crochet hats for her friends in the Hospital.

Today, Passant is cured, but she is still involved with the art workshop. She keeps making nice hats to give to the children under treatment.

Psychological care is important for cancer patients, specially children patients.

Psychological support is an essential part of the treatment journey.