It is not enough to just do charity…. when you donate, you have to give your best to the needy… this is what 57357 is doing: offering the best comprehensive quality care to its patients.

The Minister of Awqaf, Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa was warmly welcomed at the Auditorium by the Hospital’s CEO, Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, top management, and staff as well as the Foundation staff and management. After listening to Dr. Abouel Naga’s presentation on the establishment of the Hospital, the Minister responded by sharing a number of thoughts.
First, he praised the Hospital’s founders, contributors, and healthcare professionals for their farsighted vision and broad mission of turning the hospital from a mere pediatric oncology treating center into a health Sciences Campus where smart education and research are the main pillars for progress and development.

Second, he shared with the audience the fact that he considers 57357 as one of Egypt’s modern times monumental achievements which bear hope and optimism for Egypt’s future. He added that he had mentioned this in an article he had written previously.

The Minister then highlights what he personally appreciates the most in the 57357 Institution. He explains that it is not enough to just do charity, when you donate you have to give your best to the needy because in fact it is as though you were offering it to God almighty, and this is precisely what 57357 is doing. It is offering the best comprehensive quality care to its patients for free while alleviating the suffering and burden of their families with compassion and respect for their dignity. Hospital 57357 is the best example for the prevalence of justice and equality in the administration of care to all patients regardless of their background. As such, not only is the 57357 Institution fulfilling its healthcare duties with excellence and devotion but it is also contributing to the welfare of the community on the religious, national, and humanitarian levels as well.

At the end of his talk, the Minister urges all religious, civil society, and governmental institutions to work together and join efforts for the welfare of the society. Soliciting the support of 57357 in spreading awareness, he stressed the responsibility of religious institutions in collaborating on that subject with respect to two main issues: the importance of engaging in social work, being part of national duty and the diffusion of healthy living guidelines and useful medical information to the community.
Earlier during his presentation Dr. Abouel Naga had expressed his wish to cooperate with the Ministry with respect to a new Hospital “El Doat” it is in the process of establishing.