Thanks to the support of Egypt Cancer Network (ECN), U.S to Hospital 57357 during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic, the Hospital is enabled to pursue the  fulfillment of its mission of providing world quality care to children with cancer either through funding the latest medical equipment and sponsoring education and training programs.

With respect to training and education, ECN has offered two scholarships for the 57357/ Dana Farber Boston Children’s fellowship training program that aims at preparing fellows to engage in improving the performance of their own health systems, adapting knowledge to specific contexts, while integrating global findings in an increasingly interdependent world.

Within the field of pharmaceutical education activities:, ECN  has funded the following :

1-accreditation fees of the critical care pharmacy program  by the accreditation council of pharmaceutical education(ACPE). The critical care pharmacy program aims at recognizing the prominent role of the pharmacist in the intensive care unit.

2-advanced infectious disease webinar(that helps the learner to demonstrate an understanding of fundamental concepts and nomenclature in clinical microbiology).

3-patient centered communication program that is mainly focused on developing skills to communicate effectively with patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers to facilitate the achievement of optimal patient outcomes and build strong patient relationships

4-ASHP accredited international pharmacy practice residency program, 3rd cohort

  1. Pharm D program in collaboration with Colorado University, 2nd cohort

With respect to the acquisition of latest medical equipment: Egypt cancer network has sponsored the following:

– The CT simulator as it’s a significant component of the adoption of the cyberknife radiation technology.

-Rowa, the robotic pharmacy dispensing system that maximizes the standards of patient safety, satisfaction, and medication control.

-The automated liquid cytology (LBC) for the pathology lab, that is the first fully automated device of its kind in Egypt that provides preservative vials for biopsy collection and most importantly least invasive procedure to the patient.

-Intensive care unit & regular state of the art hospital beds that provide the highest level of safety and comfort for the patients.

-Infusion pumps& syringes that are digitalized to offer the highest level of accuracy for all types of intravenous solutions including chemotherapy doses preventing human errors.​