Over the past year, ECN at Virginia Commonwealth University has set out on a mission to help support the children in the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital of Cairo. ECN at VCU is a non-profit student organization that has worked closely with ECN USA to help involve college students in the worldwide fight against cancer. Although college students might lack the resources, this is made up for with our collective manpower, and our enthusiasm to this great cause. It is our goal to not only raise money for the Egyptian Cancer Network but to also raise awareness on ECN’s efforts of providing every child with the proper treatment to live a quality life.

To cap off the year, ECN VCU took part in the “Caps for Cancer” initiative in order to give the college students a way to make a direct tangible impact to the children going through cancer treatment. We partnered with several student organizations including: Emerging Healthcare Leaders (EHL), Arab Student Association (ASA), and Egyptian Student Association of North America (ESANA) throughout the year. Together, we held fundraisers, and hosted events where we donated multiple caps and made 50+ heartfelt cards of support to send to the children overseas. Individually, the prospect of making a worldwide impact seemed daunting, but collectively we are blessed to have had the opportunity to do our part in the fight against childhood cancer. We are proud to have raised over $550, and successfully introduced the ideology of ECN to the students at our college campus over the past year. This has been a very humbling experience for us all, and we look forward to continuing our work next year.