ECN’s Atlanta Chapter hosted a phenomenally successful fundraising gala at the magnificent Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, on May 18th, 2012, at which they raised over $50,000 for ECN. The gala was held in the Theatre’s “Egyptian Ballroom”, which served as an appropriate setting for this exclusive event.

The event featured a silent auction as well as quality catering and entertainment. Dr. Mark Kieran of the ECN Board was in attendance as the keynote speaker, and members of the Atlanta Chapter and community were actively engaged in the organization and management of the evening.

The Atlanta team reached their goal of selling all 200 tickets at $200 per ticket, and as a result had a colorful group of guests in attendance, including high profile members of the Egyptian, American and Egyptian-American communities, professors and representatives of various companies and institutions, including, but not limited to, Arby International, the Atlanta Bread Company, Delta Airlines, Mirasco, Inc., Laureate Group, and Oriental Weavers.

The Egyptian Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Sameh Shoukry, wrote an encouraging letter of support to the Atlanta team in light of the event, expressing his regrets that he could not attend due to the proximity of the Egyptian presidential elections, but wishing them his best.

ECN voices its gratitude to our Atlanta Chapter for the hard work and dedication they put towards making this event, and we congratulate them on its success not only in fundraising for ECN’s activities, but also in spreading the word and awareness about ECN and its goals to the Atlanta community.