Hospital 57357’s top management is concerned with succession and training possibilities for the next generation of professionals who will ensure the successful continuation of Hospital 57357. Concomitantly, ECN board members are also eager to rally the younger generation of Egyptian Americans around the Hospital. During a recent fundraiser in Southern California , the President of ECN, Dr. Hisham Seify, spoke about the establishment of Egypt Cancer Network’s Youth Club and the potential it has to engage second generation Egyptian-American youth. As such, a group of young students from Los Angeles and another one from Dallas competed to bring encouragement and fun to the lives of Hospital 57357’s children with cancer in Egypt. Both groups have been influenced by their parents’ love and nostalgia for their homeland Egypt. They are thus displaying staunch commitment just like their parents to contribute to the Egypt Cancer Network, the U.S. based tax-deductible fundraising non-profit with the mission of providing resources to Hospital 57357 and other Egyptian institutions focused on cancer in the areas of patient care, education and scientific advancement.

When these students heard that Superman is a kind of mascot at the Hospital and that he is the children’s favorite hero, they immediately sprung to action: The two groups understood that the real heroes were the children themselves who were battling a fierce disease; and so they thought of buying them hundreds of superman costumes. On another front, the students’ parents, board members, volunteers and supporters of ECN understand that the real challenge lies in sustaining the success of the Hospital. This requires that their children and grandchildren would continue to support the Hospital. This support is instrumental for ensuring the continuous provision of smart education and training to all levels of healthcare professionals, the development and progress of advanced research, and the constant up-grading of tools, equipment and processes.
The journey to achieve a cancer-free childhood in Egypt is a long and demanding one. Without all ECN supporters, we would have never embarked on it. Renowned Economist Dr. Mohamed El Erian, ECN’s strong supporter and board member and father of one of the Los Angeles students expresses the need to transmit what we value the most to our children evoking this quote by author Neil Postman “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see”