Dr. Bassem Youssef, frequently referred to as the Jon Stewart of Egypt, recently endorsed ECN at an event in San Francisco. During his visit to Boston last week, ECN expressed its gratitude for his support by doing what it do best: building bridges between our Egypt and the United States. As such, ECN connected Dr. Bassem with Boston’s favorite political satirist, Jimmy Tingle in the meeting that took place in Boston on July 7th, 2012.

The meeting gave Dr. Bassem and Mr. Tingle the opportunity to meet and compare goals, future plans, strategy and socio-political perspectives, and was also covered by the Boston Globe.

Also in attendance were Ms. Pamela Frank, ECN Executive Director , Dr. Hesham Hamoda, ECN Board Member, Ms. Kristin Wagner, ECN Special Projects Coordinator and Dr. Essmaeel Abdel Dayem.

Boston Globe Article on Egypt Cancer Network 57357, Bassem Youssef and Jimmy Tingle