DSC_0194The Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (CCHE) 57357 has occupied center stage in diagnosing, treating and caring for children with cancer in Egypt and the surrounding region. Moreover, it has firmly positioned itself as an institution that is in the pursuit of excellence, innovation, quality, and as a model of change in the healthcare field. The 185-bed state of the art facility is the largest freestanding pediatric oncology center in the world; having been built and being sustained completely by donations.  After six years of operation, CCHE was able to achieve a 70% over-all survival rate (OS) in the average. Soon after it had opened, the hospital reached 99-100% occupancy due to an increased patient base and increased demand for its quality services. As such, the need for capacity expansion is urgent as clinical and support spaces are stretched to capacity.

Because of Hospital 57357’s achievements and unsatisfied demand for its quality services, EgyptCancerNetwork,57357’s main U.S. based ally and partner, is supporting it to expand.

The 57357 Institution is committed to an important capacity and quality up- grade development scheme. The upcoming expansion is to be realized through a number of projects including  a new in-patient green LEED 300-bed tower annexed to the main building.  The new tower will achieve the following:

1. Increase the number of admitted patients from 25% to 60% of all annually diagnosed children with cancer in Egypt.

2- Set up a facility that will fulfill international requirements for green hospital design, energy efficiency and waste management and will-in the long run-decrease operating costs.

3.  Provide more operational space and/or introduce up-dated technology in a number of vital departments such as the neuro-oncology , bone-marrow transplantation, clinical pharmacy, radiotherapy , outpatient services and day care-treatmentdepartments.

 At this point, Egypt cancer Network has been instrumental in funding feasibility studies which were carried out for the new 300-bed tower as well as a Health Sciences training Academy, an advanced research center and the introduction of new therapy technology (proton therapy). All of these constitute what the 57357 administration has in store for its future development plan embodied in a Healthcare and Sciences Campus.  Recently, a tender was put out and 57357 is assessing the offers of a number of global architecture firms, in order to determine the best one to design and plan the campus.

These long-term projects will widen the hospital’s scope of services and at the same time would constitute valuable income- generating service surplus for the Hospital. As such the training Academy will be available for Egypt and its surrounding neighbors to breed a new generation of highly qualified healthcare professionals while the service surplus of proton therapy will be available to the adult population and generate revenue for 57357


ECN’s decision to support 57357’s expansion is the start of an exciting and challenging journey for the sake of allowing a greater number of children with cancer access to cure and a better future. .. To all of you who believe in the right of every child to the best quality healthcare….. Dare to rise with us to newer challenges!