1450262_10153500069935720_1919658230_nFollowing the launch of ECN’s chapter in Orlando in 2013, a fundraising event in favor of Hospital 57357 was organized on Saturday, Nov.09, 2013  in presence of the Egyptian Ambassador to the U.S. , Mr Mohamed Tawfiq

The celebration was attended by a large number of members of the Egyptian community in the U.S., who all praised the Hospital’s humanitarian endeavor of caring and curing children with cancer for free. They expressed enthusiasm to support 57537and contribute to its current capacity expansion projects.

“We turned 160 attendees into 160 ambassadors for the Hospital and ECN” wrote Mahmoud Elawadi, Orlando’s Chapter leader, in a note to ECN’s chapter in Egypt. Guests had no idea about ECN and its mission of providing resources to Hospitals and non-profits focused on cancer in Egypt, prior to attending the event, explains Elawadi. He rejoices over the diversity of the attending crowd “… Muslims and Christians, Egyptians and Arabs , white and black , it was amazing to see everyone united behind a cause and forget our differences to bring a better chance for the kids withcancer to survive ,”

The highlights of the evening were: the opening speech of Ambassador Tewfik which shifted the attention of people from politics to the cause of sick children with cancer, and Dr. Sherif Abou EL Naga’s engaging, passionate, touching, informative and educational presentation about Hospital 57357 for which he serves as VP for research, outreach and academic affairs. The presence of respected and renowned figures of the Egyptian Community, Dr Maha and Dr Ashraf Ansary among attendees increased ECN’s credibility regarding its far reaching action all across the U.S.

Words of gratitude are in order to all those who contributed to the success of this event with special thanks to the unknown soldiers such as the El sayed Family (El Sayed  Hassan, his wife Barbara and his children) who worked hard, speaking to people one on one and raising funds. They are the perfect embodiment of how Egyptians and Americans are working hand in hand for the cause of cancer patients in Egypt.

Hospital 57357 is looked upon as the ST. Jude of the Middle East. It was built and sustained primarily by donations. In operation since 2007, it is providing free care to all children with cancer without discrimination to race, creed, or ability to pay. CCHE 57357 is currently recording an average 70% over-all survival (OS) rate. 57357’s team of healthcare professionals are committed to rally their efforts to challenge the frontiers of cure for the children with cancer in Egypt (presently OS rates in the developed world are 80-85%). Their road map is defined: continuously improving the quality of care and pediatric oncology treatment protocols regarding their suitability to the environmental, biological and racial conditions in the region while expanding the Hospital’s overstretched capacity to reach to a greater number of children with cancer. Presently, they are able to serve only 1 in 5 children in need of care. CCHE’s future expansion plan includes a 300 bed in-patient tower to be joined to the actual premises as well as an advanced research center, a health sciences training Academy, and the introduction of a new treatment technology , the proton therapy. All of these would constitute a Health Sciences Complex