Renowned global architecture firm, RTKL, to design the campus

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Thanks to ECN’s firm belief in the worthiness and inevitability of this important expansion, the network initially agreed to fund the architectural design of 57357’s new Health and Sciences Campus. Lately, it has been involved in sponsoring the release of the related RFP which was effectively put together by management consultancy firm Solving EFESO Egypt with the help of one of its U.S. based expert consultant, Mr. Sayed Hilmy who is the president of IDS and a volunteer consultant for ECN.

In a recent development, with ECN’s support and the follow-up of SolvingEFESO, RTKL the global architecture and urban design practice, has been selected to plan and design the expansion and to develop an integrated health sciences campus.  57357’s staff and management are rejoicing over this development which is ushering in the actual realization of this important endeavor.

“The primary goal of the new campus is to position CCHE as an international center of excellence in research, education and treatment,” said  RTKL’s Senior VP, Jeffrey Davenport in a press release announcing the firm’s winning of57357’s tender  “Our design concept is committed to that vision and integrates both existing and new facilities to achieve a family-centered, cost-effective and highly functional health sciences campus.”
Last June, RTKL sent a formal delegation, headed by Davenport, to 57357 to present the company and their broad ideas for 57357’s future project. “57357 is a very remarkable hospital. While touring it, I saw for myself the high quality services it provides.  Its capability to sustainably provide such care for free is what really impresses me. It will be a great honor for us if we arechosen to design its future expansion projects “, said Mr Davenport.
Earlier in Sept, 2013, writing to Solving Efeso, Davenport confirmed that RTKL’s “…. commitment to sustainability will help you maximize the goal of creating a zero energy solution” for the campus

The Regional Manager of Shaker Electromechanical Consultancy Group, Ismail Shaker, had also participated in this presentation, as this firm would be  the one responsible for the campus’ electromechanical work, if RTKL were to be selected.

Hospital 57357 is looked upon as the ST. Jude of the Middle East. It was built and sustained primarily by donations. In operation since2007, it is providing free care to all children with cancer without discrimination to race, creed, or ability to pay. CCHE 57357 is currently recording an average 70% over-all survival (OS) rate. 57357’s team of healthcare professionals are committed to rally their efforts to challenge the frontiers of cure for the children with cancer in Egypt (presently OS rates in the developed world are 80-85%). Their road map is defined: continuously improving the quality of care and pediatric oncology treatment protocols regarding their suitability to the environmental, biological and racial conditions in the region while expanding the Hospital’s overstretched capacity to reach to a greater number of children with cancer. Presently, they are able to serve only 1 in 5 children in need of care. CCHE’s future expansion plan includes a 300 bed in-patient tower to be joined to the actual premises as well as an advanced research center, a health sciences training Academy, and the introduction of a new treatment technology , the proton therapy. All ofthese would constitute a Health Sciences Complex.



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