Egypt Cancer Network in North America ECN has always been far-sighted in supporting education and training initiatives that would enhance the “learning and sharing” culture within the 57357 Institution, and contribute to the development of professional skills in the oncology and healthcare fields in Egypt.

Among these initiatives, is  the Joint Commission International JCI’s diploma program on Quality management and Patient safety This training diploma is the first of its kind in the Middle East and North Africa. It was launched and offered by 57357 in cooperation with JCI and conducted by faculty and co-faculty from the USA and from Egypt.

The 57357 Institution is very happy and extremely thankful to its partners at (ECN) for their support for the third year in a row to the Quality Management and Patient Safety training program which is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). This is a training program that prepares Egyptian healthcare professionals across the country to integrate and apply international patient safety standards and quality care in their respective settings, preparing them to become the change agents of tomorrow and to transform the face of healthcare in this part of the world.

Two cohorts of around 60 participants representing public, private, and university hospitals have graduated so far and the third one is on its way to complete the training.

The graduation of the third cohort is a step on the road of 57357’s goal of disseminating knowledge and practice of quality, in preparation of a generation of well-trained healthcare specialists to lead the change in healthcare services in Egypt and the surrounding region.

We are grateful to our ECN donors for their continuous support and are happy to report that those who have received the training so far such as Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Abdalla from Al-Salam International Hospital who is featured here are applying their knowledge on the ground.