Mariam Osman (19) and Nadeen Gonna (18) are students in their first year of college in Texas who want to apply to Medical School once they complete their bachelor’s degree. They therefore chose to participate in 10 day training internship at Hospital 57357 during their summer holiday in Egypt in order to gain practical experience so that they may demonstrate a range of competencies once their application process begins.  The two girls had already heard about 57357 through their parents who are active members of Egypt Cancer Network in the U.S., and had also attended one or more fundraising dinners for the benefit of the Hospital.

The rigorous training of the two girls, closely supervised by Dr. Manal Zamzam, Director of medical programs, 57357 Training Academy, included a general orientation about the different sections of the Hospital, a stay at the radiology department and the basic research lab as well as active participation in clinical rounds with the physicians and as volunteers with the children. “My learning  experience at 57357 is far better than what I  had expected” reveals Mariam when asked to give her feedback at the end of the training. Mariam shares that she was pleasantly surprised to discover that all the praise she had heard about 57357 was a reality. When asked what she would say about the Hospital upon her return to the States, Mariam answered: “I am touched and amazed at how much attention and care everybody is giving to the children over there”   As for Nadeen, she is appreciative of all the hard work that was put into the 57357 endeavor which led to the establishment of an exceptional healthcare facility similar to those you find in North America. I asked Nadeen and Mariam whether they were attracted by the pediatric oncology specialization after their training in 57357. They both agreed that it was too soon to tell. Mariam did not exclude the possibility while Nadeen was honest enough to reveal her apprehension to deal with suffering children.

Mariam and Nadeen’s training experience at Hospital 57357 comes at a time when 57357’s top management is concerned with succession and training possibilities for the next generation of professionals who will ensure the successful continuation of Hospital 57357. Concurrently, ECN board members are also eager to rally the younger generation of Egyptian Americans around the Hospital.