Egypt Cancer Network, ECN in USA supports “Open Sesame” training program for developing skills in favor of outstanding performance of 57357’s workers

ECN-USA saves no effort to support 57357’s initiatives for improving healthcare quality through the sponsorship of educational and development programs targeting the enhancement of staff performance. As such, thanks to ECN’s contribution, Hospital 57357 recently launched the Open Sesame training program aiming to improve skills and enhance employee performance. It is noteworthy that 57357’s culture stimulates and promotes continuous learning and development in pursuit of the continuous improvement of care and services provided to its patients.

In an interview with Dr. Aya Nassar, 57357 Group Consultant for learning and development, she shared: 57357’s progress and advancement depends on continuous education and development and spreading out the culture of quality and excellence. We adopt a L&D policy that combines traditional and online training and we believe that everyone in 57357 should be enabled to constantly improve his or her skills and produce best performance depending on the training and skills they receive. Regarding the “Open Sesame” program Dr. Ola Mohammed, Director of Education and development, revealed: the program is equipped with one of the biggest electronic libraries in the Arab world where it can provide 4500 training courses that cover 33 types of skills in both Arabic and English languages. This program meets multiple needs as it includes a variety of training programs, and we set up a training map that connects those 4500 courses to 57357’s four required skills :Team work spirit, Working hard to achieve goals, Developing capabilities and skills, and Communication skills

Training hours were set up according to the 57357’s eleven employment grades. Duration of training varies according to work position where training hours increase as you go down the employment hierarchy. The program offers a distinct training plan for each one depending on the position. All employment positions are included in the program to enable each employee to find a suitable training including elevators operators, security personnel and technicians. This is the first time to have a program that can offer a training plan to everyone. Among the program advantages are reduced costs and the possibility of retrieving information at any point in time. All the Hospital’s departments have access to the program where 2400 employees are registered and the employees are encouraged to login to the program and those who spent longer hours are acknowledged on a weekly basis.

It is noteworthy that ECN-USA provides continuous support to 57357, to contribute to creating  a generation of well- trained specialized healthcare professionals that will work on improving healthcare provision in Egypt