L&D Committee157357’s Restructured Training Department Program to be launched end of October

With a new title, “learning and development L&D “and a new slogan” we learn …we cure”, 57357’s training department is undergoing a major face-lift operation and launching a massive staff training program. Egypt Cancer Network 57357&AFNCI (ECN), Hospital 57357’s non-profit fundraising affiliate in the U.S. is co-funding this program.

At the head of this initiative is Dr. Mohamed Fahmy, VP of Logic Management Consulting, who recently joined 57357’s board of directors. Leading the training Committee within the Board, Dr.Fahmy has in the course of the last six months outlined the roadmap for the implementation of the new training program. Dr. Fahmi is establishing a learning module that would benefit some 2000 employees at the 57357 Hospital, 57357 Foundation, and the Association of friends of the National Cancer Institute. The new staff training program, strongly supported by 57357’s CEO, Dr.Hany Hussein, is supervised by Dr. Sherif Abou El Naga, VP of the Hospital for learning and development who is responsible for its implementation.

One of 57357’s main mission objectives is to be a learning organization striving to put knowledge into action while constantly improving its learning and training capacities, and internal /external knowledge- sharing procedures.  At  57357, training is a cornerstone of quality achievement. Within the framework of these premises, Dr Fahmi developed the new staff training program. From now on, training will be ‘directed’ and ‘blended’. “Directed training” means aligning the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of 57357 staff with 57357goals. ‘Blended’, on the other hand, refers to the fact that training will be acquired through E-learning and workshops led by facilitators.

To implement the new program, a restructuring of the training department is being carried out. This includes the formation of an L&D committee and the appointment of a training director and two medical and non-medical specialists. In collaboration with department heads, the L&D committee and the specialists are responsible to determine three core competencies common to all staff levels, two managerial ones, and three functional ones proper to each and every department. The L&D committee is also responsible to formulate the guidelines for training need assessment, set up the basis for dynamic learning, assign workshop facilitators, and spot the exceptional talents.

It is the vision of the new L&D department to position itself as the best healthcare L&D center in the MENA region within the framework of the establishment of a Health Sciences training Academy. The latter will tackle educational requirements for a variety of healthcare specialties not only for 57357 staff but also for healthcare professionals of all levels throughout Egypt and the region.

Thanks to the support of Egypt cancer Network, feasibility studies were completed for the

 Health Sciences training Academy within the frame of 57357’s future expansion project: a Healthcare and Sciences Campus. The latter will include besides the Academy, a 300 bed inpatient tower, an advanced research center, and the introduction of proton therapy. technology.  Recently, 57357 is evaluating the offers of a number of global architectural firms, to design the campus. The future expansion projects will widen the hospital’s scope of services while some will also be generating valuable service surplus income for the. As such, the training Academy will be available for Egypt and the MENA region to breed a new generation of highly qualified healthcare professionals. The Academy and will be established on the basis of  multi-sector partnership between NGO, a business partner and a leading educational institute or institutes for accreditations.