In a significant stride towards advancing pediatric oncology, Egypt Cancer Network (ECN) has stepped forward to sponsor 42 physicians from the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 Egypt for the prestigious online course, “Fundamentals & Applications of Clinical and Translational Research (FaCToR).” This initiative aligns with the hospital’s visionary Physician Scientist Initiative, aimed at nurturing a culture of scientific inquiry and innovation among its staff.


The primary goal of this initiative is to cultivate a hospital environment where every individual, irrespective of their primary role, embraces a scientific mindset characterized by curiosity, data-driven decision-making, and a commitment to continuous learning. By fostering a community of “professional scientists” within the hospital.

The FaCToR course offers a comprehensive overview of the concepts of clinical and translational research, delivered through dynamic and interactive online learning modules. As selected participants of this course, the sponsored physicians will gain insights into the spectrum of clinical and translational research, ranging from first-in-human studies to healthcare interventions implemented at a population level.

Throughout the course, participants will acquire knowledge of the research methods utilized across the spectrum of clinical and translational research, equipping them with the tools and expertise necessary to conduct high-quality research and contribute meaningfully to advancements in pediatric oncology.

In conclusion, the sponsorship of 42 physicians from Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 Egypt for the FaCToR course by the Egypt Cancer Network represents a significant investment in the future of pediatric oncology research and patient care. By empowering physicians with the necessary skills and knowledge, this initiative has the potential to drive transformative change and improve outcomes for children battling cancer.