Churches of all denominations across Egypt, responded in great numbers to the 57357 Foundation initiative to support Hospital 57357 during the month of Ramadan. This initiative, launched intentionally at the start of the holy month by a member of the fundraising team, aimed at inviting the largest number of churches and their congregations to visit the Hospital and the children and to be acquainted with the Hospital action.
To date, 400 churches from all across Egypt’s governorates are participating in this initiative including Cairo, Alexandria, El Minya, El Mansoura, Tanta, Asyut, El Fayoum, Beni Souef, El Beheira, Damanhour, and El Gharbia. This movement of solidarity by the Christian community with the Hospital is but the confirmation and expression of its conviction that at Hospital 57357 there is no discrimination between rich or poor, Christian or Muslim. Throughout the years, it became evident for the Egyptian Christian community that at 57357 all patients–regardless of their background or origins–will receive the same excellent quality care and an equal opportunity for cure.
The Christian solidarity movement is still growing and the initiative’s effect is extending beyond Ramadan mainly because an internal chain of solidarity has been formed around the Hospital. Visiting churches encourage others to come as well. They come loaded with toys and monetary gifts. But most importantly, they come to spend quality time with the children to encourage them and entertain them. What is interesting and touching about the present solidarity movement is that it is rallying some of the less privileged Christian communities.
It is noteworthy that since its inception Hospital 57357 has been blessed with the support of the top hierarchy of the church in Egypt through its different denominations. Back in 2009, the late Pope Shenouda III made a memorable visit to the Hospital.The actual Pope Tawadros is constantly supporting the Hospital through a special envoy, Father Bolous Sourour. This Ramadan, we received for the second time the visit of Pastor Andrea Zaki, the head of the Evangelical Church, Anba Armia, General Bishop and head of the Coptic Cultural Center, Anba Angelos, Bishop for NorthShoubra , and Anba Morcos , Bishop for Shoubra El Kheima.