Egyptian comedian Bassem Youssef hosted a comedy show at the College of San Mateo in San Mateo, California on the evening of June 16th, 2012. The show, entitled “America in Arabic”, was conducted completely in Arabic. During the show Mr. Youssef endorsed ECN, and ECN is proud to report that all of the proceeds from the event were donated to Egypt Cancer Network 57357 and AFNCI.

In addition to touring the world and hosting comic performances, Mr. Youssef is also a cardiothoracic surgeon and host of the popular Egyptian show “El Barnameg”.

ECN is grateful both to Mr. Youssef as well as the many wonderful organisers who helped provide support to ECN by bringing Mr. Youssef to perform in California. Following the performance, Mr. Youssef released this statement:

“To all the wonderful people of the Bay Area:

I just wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart, a great big thank you to the team that put this together from within your community. Nabila Mango: for her tireless efforts to put on this great event, may she be sustained in health! Hussein Moustafa, without whom we might never have been able to do anything in the Bay Area at all, and whom we cannot thank enough; Dina Ghobashy, whose assistance cannot be forgotten; and the great crew of Zawaya, who have done so much for the cause of Arab-American artists in general and this event in particular. Join me in thanking them for such a wonderful job! And I urge you to support the cause that the event will go to support: the Egyptian Cancer Network. The revolution is for those in need, and the Egyptian Cancer Network is for those in need. Thank you again, and see you soon.”