“I was impressed by what I have seen in all the different Hospital sections; Egypt will continue being strong as long as it undertakes good projects similar to 57357”

“I would like to thank all Egyptians abroad and Egypt Cancer Network (ECN)for their support to 57357, and ask all of the Egyptians to stand together to execute the Hospital’s new extension”

1223Welcomed by the Hospital’s VP and Board member, Mr. Mohamed Yassine, the religious leader toured the premises, and spent time in the  out- patient clinics, multi-specialty clinics, the day-care unit, and the clinical pharmacy. During the tour,  he was acquainted with the different operational procedures which allow the Hospital to provide the best care standards  to  cancer patients. He had the chance to chat with the work team in different  departments , and also patients and their families who thanked him for his visit. He also visited some in-patients in their rooms and asked God to heal them; he commended the hospital for  providing important services to lift up the spirit of the patients through setting up play areas and teaching classes. At the end of the visit he thanked the working team for their great effort to serve the patients

“I have visited several healthcare centers in the Arab region; but never have I found this kind of commitment to research work as the one in 57357. The clinical pharmacy is typically a research center by itself. What I have seen today is praiseworthy, my best wishes for continued success to the invaluable 57357 team.”

Those were the words for the Grand Mufti during his visit to 57357.

Addressing all good hearted Egyptians specially the businessmen and the well to do, The Grand Mufti urged them to continue to support the Hospital with their Sadaka and Zakat money as it is embarking on important capacity expansion projects. This expansion is presently indispensable for the Hospital to solve the problem of overstretched capacity due to the increase in demand for its free quality services. “I am confident that with  strong will and determination  we can build more with God’s help” said the Grand Mufti.  In this respect, He also thanked all Egyptians abroad for their support to 57357 through their donations to the U.S. based 57357affiliate, Egypt Cancer Network (ECN) and urged them to stand by the hospital so as to enable it to achieve its expansion and development goals.