Children supporting Children

 El Damier Al Hay’s orphans visit 57357’s children:


 In this imperfect world, we all have our share of suffering, we are Orphans and you are Cancer patients…God bless us all and have mercy on us…

“I was very keen to bring my girls to visit 57357 ‘’ said Mr. Yousry in reference to the group of orphan girls who accompanied him .At  the association,  they have been raised since their early childhood to love each other and  everybody else and that’s why they expressed the wish to visit 57357’s children”, he explained. “The presence of such a place in Egypt is pushing us forward, Egypt has gone through a crisis but now we are trying to put our act together and places like 57357 are instilling hope in Egyptians, reuniting them and inviting them to look forward to a brighter future.  Love is the main theme around which 57357’s healthcare professionals revolve, and that’s the reason for it’s success .This is a world standard accomplishment of which we are all very proud.” With these words,  Mr., Ismael Yousry  urged all segments of the Egyptian Society to revive an  earlier initiative  by school  students when each student donated  one pound out of his pocket money to 57357 which resulted in gathering L.E.24,000000  in one day.

Bushra , one of the girls among the visiting group in first primary level said ‘ ‘’I came to visit the children of 57357 to make them happy and  I am also  very happy to see them and feel very proud with the high level of care they all receive here without discrimination .

“I wish to come back again very soon, I will tell my family and friends about what I’ve seen here and everyone else I now and will ask them all to visit 57357, said Iman, another girl in the group.