“My best wishes for a new Holy month of Ramadan, May it always rally us around the alleviation of the suffering of children. Egypt will be better thanks to all of us”

“Here, in 57357, your zakat and your Sadaka not only contribute to the establishment of a Hospital but to the building of a whole nation”

“I urge all charitable people to contribute to the support of 57357’s Scientific research and pediatric oncology fellowship programs. The most significant contribution you can make to the care of a sick child is your support for the provision of well- trained skilled physicians”

During his most recent visit to the Hospital, Sheikh Alazhary celebrated with the children the start of Ramadan by joining them in decorating the premises. He visited a good number of them in their rooms; reaching out to them and listening to their stories with great empathy, sense of humor, and love. He expressed his appreciation for all what is being constantly accomplished at the Hospital in terms of capacity expansion and advancement; referring specifically to the opening of the new 60bed extension, Tanta branch, and the newly recorded average over-all survival rate of 74.7%.

In a message to all charitable people, Alazhary encouraged them to donate their Zakat and Sadaka to 57357 which he qualifies as the Industry of hope and the Industry of a nation. He urged them to rally around the Hospital’s ambitious capacity expansion projects including the new 300 bed in-patient tower which will more than double the present capacity, the Health Sciences Training Academy, and the advanced research Institute. He added that the most significant contribution one can make to the care of a sick child is one’s support for the provision of well- trained skilled physicians which was enabled through the setting up of the joint 57357/Dana Farber Boston Children’s fellowship training program. Equally important is one’s support to scientific research which aims at improving patients’ outcomes and the quality of care offered to them. He praised all Egyptian immigrants who continuously support Egypt and 57357’s mission through our affiliations ECN U.S. and ECN Canada

He ended his message with a prayer:

We ask the Almighty Righteous God to make of this month a source of compassion, healing, peace and wellness for each and every sick person. May it bring forth restoration, tranquility and stability to each person on Earth. God Grant us healing and wellness so that hope is rekindled in us once again.