Dr. Mohamed A. El-Erian, CEO of PIMCO, a major global investment company, attended the Egypt Cancer Network 57357 (ECN) iftar in Los Angeles along with his wife and daughter. They were inspired by the work that is being done by ECN in support of Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE). Because of its effectiveness in delivering superior health services to children, they consider the hospital an impressive example of charity innovation and sustainability in Egypt.

Together with his daughter and wife, Dr. El-Erian stated that he was delighted “to support this world-class Egyptian hospital that provides comprehensive cancer care to children at no financial cost to them or their families.”

ECN extends its sincere appreciation to Dr. El-Erian and his family for their visit and for their generosity. The administrations of both ECN and Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation (CCHF), both recipients of Dr. El-Erian’s humanitarian donation, are grateful that Dr. El-Erian shares their strategic vision to cure children regardless of their ability to pay. ECN and CCHF are equally grateful for Dr. El-Erian’s support of their tireless efforts to make CCHE be a world leader in pediatric cancer care. With Dr. El-Erian’s help, CCHE, by way of ECN and CCHF, is truly on the way to achieving its expansion goal to serve and cure more children in Egypt.