In keeping with a tradition, dating back to 1997, to send proceeds of fundraising activities twice a year in support of Hospital 57357, the Egyptian Women’s Association of Australia delegated Mrs. Mary Gregoire, committee member, to deliver in person a check to Dr. Abouel  Naga, CEO of the Hospital.

Mrs. Gregoire came yesterday to the Hospital with her sister, who lives in Egypt, visited Dr. Abouel Naga in his office and took a comprehensive tour of the facility as well as the construction site of the future expansion.

Mrs. Gregoire from the Egyptian Women’s Association of Australia delivers a check to Dr. Abuel Naga, 57357’s CEO

Rose Sorial , head of the Association, and her friends  believe firmly that every child has the right to the best medical care.Responding to the cry for help by the paediatric oncology department at the National Cancer Institute,  they sent their first check in 1997 to the Institute after having met Dr. Sherif Abou Elnaga, Pediatric Oncologist and one of the passionate founders of Hospital 57357.


Since then, the sending of checks has never been interrupted. First, they were destined to improve the conditions of the pediatric oncology wards and healthcare services at the National cancer institute. Then, they contributed to the establishment of the largest state of the art healthcare institution for the children with cancer: Hospital 57357. Later, they shared in funding the 60bed expansion within the facility.  Presently, they contribute to accelerating the completion of the new expansion, allowing a greater number of poor children to have access to the best quality care.


Devoted partners to 57357, representatives of the Association of Egyptian Women of Australia have a real concern for the continued success of Hospital 57357. They act as staunch advocates and express how proud they are with the hospital’s accomplishments among their friends and families both in Egypt and Australia.


Just a few words to tell you how much we  at 57357 are touched by your great love and support to Egypt and all her children that are suffering from this dreadful disease.