FaridaFarida was saved thanks to 57357’s multidisciplinary treatment approach

Farida, did you prepare a gift for your mom for Mother’s day ? asked Dr. Emad Moussa, Farida’s physician, as he was examining her on one of her routine check-ups during the final treatment phase.

Farida answered: Dr. Emad, do you know I have two mothers? The answer startled me as I happened to be in Dr. Emad’s clinic that day. I wanted to know more about this chubby cute five year old little girl with such an insightful answer who came with her 11 year old sister, Malak and her young aunt.

“Farida’s case can best be described as the maximization of a patient outcome thanks to the vigilance and consultation among members of the multidisciplinary healthcare team” reveals to me Dr. Emad Moussa. “This multidisciplinary treatment approach is the essence of the uniqueness of 57357”.

Farida was admitted in 2012, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a good prognosis. Half-way during a successful treatment journey, Farida started losing weight in a spectacular and unexplained manner and with no medical reason . She became cachectic( a physical wasting condition of the body usually associated with a severe disease or malnutrition) to the point of suffering from muscle atrophy. Her case was so puzzling that it was raised several times for consultation among members of the multidisciplinary team until one of them asked the right question: with whom is Farida living? Who is taking care of her at the moment?

At that time, due to personal reasons, Farida’s Mom had entrusted her own sister to take care of the girl and Farida had to be separated from her Mom for a while. Farida’s loss of appetite turned out to be the expression of her separation from her Mom. As soon as Farida returned to be with her mom, upon the recommendation of her physician, she regained weight systematically. Look at Farida now, you would never imagine that at one point her life was so threatened because of weight loss that her physician was forced to interrupt her treatment.

When I met Farida yesterday, she was with her aunt who loves her dearly and takes excellent care of her. It took an insightful physician among a dedicated team to discover what really threatened Farida’s life. And it took an intuitive little five year old girl to feel and be grateful to her aunt for taking care of her as though a second mother.