"Never since NASA’s Apollo mission to the moon has the United States experienced such a galvanizing movement that resonated around the world" said Professor Farouk El-Baz, Egypt Cancer Network's Advisory Council member, who Life Magazine once wrote "mapped the moon." We were successful because there was clear unity, leadership, a purpose and a deadline. I support Children's Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357 because it follows these same guiding principles, which ultimately led to mankind's historical moon landing."

  1. UNITY: 1500 volunteers, 570 physicians & nurses, 1000 employees, and millions of private donors, including 23 million children who donated one pound each.
  2. PURPOSE: Save lives by creating the world's largest free standing fully charitable free care pediatric cancer center on par with U.S. Survival rates 
  3. TIMELINE: 10 years
  4. LEADERSHIP: By the people — For the people. 100% funded and sustained by individual, private donations.

Having met this first historical achievement, Children's Cancer Center Egypt 57357 is now facing new challenges. With the excitement of the revolution, comes the uncertainty of change. A couple of years ago, the Egyptian government donated CCHE 57357 land to double their patient population. Unfortunately, they have not yet raised the funds to build the building, and as such, are at risk of losing the land. Egypt Cancer Network 57357 has taken on this challenge by following the same guiding principles set forth by Professor Farouk El-Baz.

  1. UNITY: Egypt Cancer Network (Chicago), Egypt American Medical Society (New York), Physicians & Nurses at Harvard's Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Boston), Children's Cancer Center Egypt 57357 (Cairo), and volunteers in San Francisco, Dallas, Tampa, New Jersey, Florida, Los Angeles and Boston.
  2. PURPOSE: Double the number of lives saves by raising $57,357 for the hospital’s expansion project.
  3. TIMELINE: 57,357 minutes (40 days)
  4. LEADERSHIP: You! Egypt Cancer Network is run by volunteers, including our very active Board of Directors, Advisory Council and Medical Advisory Committee.

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