You have the opportunity to donate your zakat to ECN during this holy month of Ramadan 2012, both through our general online donation system and also through our Ramadan team fundraising campaign. Dr. Ali Gomaa, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, was asked by a citizen about the permissibility of purchasing medical equipment for hospitals from zakat funds. He replied that originally there are eight categories of people that are eligible for zakat mentioned in the Quran in Surat at- Tawba, 9:60. For more information, please click here.

The establishment of these hospitals and purchasing medical equipment can benefit all Muslims as well as others. Therefore, as long as the hospital needs this equipment and does not have the funds, then there is no objection religiously to use zakat money to purchase the equipment. This means that you are consequently permitted to put your zakat towards the ECN cause of your choice. Numerous prominent sheikhs have recommended that this years zakat be given to ECN in order to support CCHE 57357 and its expansion project. Please view the following video to hear their testimony. Please also take the time to view this additional video about donating your zakat to ECN.