A novel research paper conducted by the proteomics and metabolomics unit discloses the capability of the discharges of mesenchymal stem cells derived from the umbilical cord to fight corona virus in human and infectious bronchitis in birds. The paper, posted in cells magazine with impact factor 6.6, verified that the discharges contained immunoprotiens and antiviruses. All analyses detected a high count of immune proteins and antivirus substances in the discharges of mesenchymal stem cells and the effectiveness of these substances in fighting the new corona virus in human and the transmittable bronchitis in birds.  The paper succeeded also to outline the prevention machinery of the mesenchymal stem cells discharges against the viral infection

The new corona virus in human and infectious bronchitis in birds are regarded as a transmittable and severe which causes serious respiratory problems in humans and in chicken.

The unavailability of an impactful treatment causes the increase of the infected cases with covid 19 and transmittable bronchitis in birds. Accordingly, finding a different medicine and curing means to regulate the virus spread and disease severity

The significance of this research is that it sheds light on potential antiviral treatments for new corona virus in humans and infectious bronchitis in birds, through mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord as a safe and

and effective alternatives for traditional stem cells in treatments.

Outcomes of this research paper can impact the evolving strategies set up to fight the new corona virus in humans, infectious bronchitis in birds and also affecting the corona virus diffusion in the upcoming era

The research project was carried out in cooperation between proteomics and metabolomics unit of CCHE57357and Al-Azhar University faculty of science.