Since continuous performance improvement is the basis of success, 57357 is committed to sustaining its leadership position by improving its services and renewing its equipment to offer its children the latest in cancer care according to world standards of renowned care centers.

Lately, the Hospital received five up to date anesthesia equipment, installed them in the major surgeries rooms, and already started to use them. According to Dr. Magda Azer, head of anesthesia department, the new devices “Zeus JE” offer all types of anesthesia, respiratory and intravenous, which is considered an upgrade for anesthesia equipment. Through the new software system “smart pilot” these new equipment can calculate the quantity of drugs given intravenous and the required mixture for respiratory anesthesia. The calculations are made according to the patient’s measurements and the goal specified by the physician. The whole process is monitored by precise follow up devices  within the equipment which monitor all the patients vital sings such as blood pressure, heart pulse, arterial blood pressure, muscles relaxation degree and patient’s awareness level. All of these information appear on one screen which enables easy and fast decision making.

The anesthesia equipment Zeus JE is also characterized by having the latest ventilation system that suits children as young as one day old as it features a component, Smart Ventilation Control SMC, which allows automatic controlling of the method of artificial respiration according to the physician selection and according to the patient’s measurements of age, weight, length and other personal information. The equipment is also capable of collecting and analyzing information about the patient’s lungs and his response to artificial respiration. It contributes in assessing the direction of artificial respiration which helps the anesthesia physician to take proactive treatment decisions. The new equipment is also able to limit the waste of anesthesia gases as it allocates accurately the required  quantity for each patient.