Mahmoud ElAwady is an Egyptian American immigrant working as Vice President and financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in Orlando, Florida. Mahmoud’s kid Mohamed developed Acute Myeloid leukemia some 15 months ago, received care at Florida Children’s Hospital and successfully completed his treatment, thanks be to God . Few days ago, he visited Hospital 57357 for the first time after his return from Umrah (visit to the Holy Land) and sent us this poignant testimonial:

” Salam Alikm, I was very touched by the work you all guys had put into this pr319997_10152731391650720_1154670485_noject , the level of care , cleanliness, technology and staff education was beyond what I thought the hospital had to offer to the Egyptians kids with cancer. As you all know my only son Mohamed went through this last year when his chances was only 30% , ironically we found about it only 2 days after we had just came back from Egypt and I was scared of the fact if we had found out while we were there. But after my visit to 57357, I knew that he would have received the same level of care but not with the cost we paid here between me and insurance which was $ 1,306,000.00 only in 7 month.
When we had met the day before, we had just come back from Umrah as this was my promise to Allah to visit the 3 holy mosques and we did at Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem to pay our debt back to Allah. And now you guys have given me another great opportunity to help with the kids with cancer who can’t afford it. I will start talking to Morgan Stanley charity department as well as other organizations. You can ask me for anything cause you will be doing me and Mohamed a favor helping other children. I have been also a board member with kids beating cancer in Orlando here for the last 5 years so I have some experience dealing with non-profits. I also just got off the phone with Hassan to arrange for this weekend festival, like I said before no one can understand what the kids and their parents are going through like I do and this is why I will do my best to be an asset for you.”

Upon his return to the U.S., after visiting  Hospital 57357 and making a donation , 521963_3079746690749_1656767183_nMahmoud was prompt to contact the Hospital’s affiliate in the U.S. , Egypt Cancer Network  57357 & AFNCI,  a U.S. based 501C3 tax-deductible non-profit  organization committed to providing support and resources to Egyptian hospitals and non -profit institutions  focused on cancer. In the picture, he is already promoting ECN through a Morgan Stanley booth in Orlando, Florida.