Ahmed has been a taxi-driver for 10 years now. His niece, “Judi”, was admitted to Hospital 57357 two years ago, to get treatment for her brain tumor. Just like all the other kids at 57357, she was given the best of care of  by each and every one at the Hospital as though she was their own.

Ever since then, her grateful  uncle, Ahmed felt a sense of duty towards the Hospital for having offered Judi quality treatment for free. He comes to the Hospital every day and waits at the  gate to transport kids with cancer and their families, comforting them by removing the additional burden  of having to wait for a taxi. He hangs some toys in the car  to entertain them and take their minds off the treatment session they went through at the Hospital.

In the holy month of Ramadan, many people from different walks of life, but mostly humble people like Ahmed, rush from all over Egypt to donate to 57357. As such, the Foundation staff work late into the night to welcome them and receive their donation.  Even then, you will still find Ahmed also working late into the night to be of service  to anyone of the Hospital staff needing a safe lift  back home.

Whatever you do for 57357, no matter how simple, it can make a difference to many lives!