A delegation from Victory Collage, Alexandria, visited our children in 57357. The delegation included a group of the school students and a number of students’ parents. During the visit, the students carried love and compassion messages for their colleague Haia who is currently receiving treatment in the Hospital. Among the messages they carried when they visited her in the fourth floor: “Haia you are stronger than cancer” and “may God help you recover”

The rest of her class students and her teachers sent her video messages to express their love and support. One of the most inspiring messages sent to Haia was the one from her colleague who was a cancer survivor saying “I was sick like you and God blessed me with recovery”. Haia’s teachers expressed their love and support with these words “we love you and we are waiting for you to join us in the second semester”.

Haia welcomed her colleagues with joy and high spirits . It is noteworthy that at Hospital 57357 , besides providing quality healthcare, we are committed to offering psychological support to our children which is instrumental in their response to treatment and fast recovery. Through entertainment programs, art workshops and the visits of kind hearted supporters, we help the children to go through the treatment period with a positive attitude and hope of recovery.

The visit of Victory Collage is one of many visits organized by the schools and universities department  which is keen to nurture and consolidate the relationship between  57357’s children and Egypt’s students, whose support to 57357’s mission and its children with cancer has been sustained  ever since its inception. In 57357, through our pursuit of applying the latest treatment protocols, we provide the best medical and psychological support to our children aiming to raise recovery rates to reach those of the developed world . We are working hard to complete our expansion projects so that we could treat more children and fulfill their dreams of recovery.