Hanin is a 7 year old girl who is bravely fighting leukemia since the start of 2019. She is the eldest of her siblings, her mother is a house wife and her father a businessman.

In the beginning, Hanin got fever pain in her leg that did not respond to medication. After tests and x-rays, her doctor advised her family to take her to Hospital 57357. Hanan’s mom shared with us her daughter’s experience at 57357: “I didn’t expect that the Hospital would accept her but when we went there I found a solid efficient and equitable s system for patients admission. Hanin was taken in when came her turn and we met with Dr. Ahmed Mahdi, the treating consultant, who explained her condition and reassured us and gave us hope in her recovery. He said that the treatment would last 3 years. After the start of the treatment, Hanin got better and the pain disappeared. Although the chemotherapy is hard and aggressive, in the Hospital they used to play with her and encourage her to be strong. Her treatment will continue for one more year, may God grant her healing.

Chatting with Hanan, she revealed: I like drawing and coloring and I am among the top students at school. I love 57357 because the staff and the professionals are concerned about me and they love me. At the art therapy workshop, I used to draw, color and meet with my friends, the doctors and the nurses. I love Dr. Mahdi a lot as he is working on my healing. I wish to become a doctor like him, here in 57357, to treat children and grant them healing. Pray for me and for my friends here. I like to say to everyone who donates to 57357, thank you for helping us to defeat cancer.

Both Hanin and her mother are courageously fighting cancer:

Hanin’s family is going through tough circumstances with a great deal of courage as her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time when Hanin was struck with the terrible disease. Her sister is also suspected of being sick with leukemia and her newly born brother has congenital weaknesses namely atrophy of his kidneys and blood gases imbalance. Hanin’s mother says: God is testing our faith. I was shocked when I discovered Hanin’s sickness but 57357 was not just a Hospital that is treating her, they were a second family for us. They offered us the best care and treatment along with psychological care. Despite our modest condition we donate as much as we can to the Hospital, so it can treat our daughter and her counterparts. Her father and I are thanking God for the existence of 57357.

Each of our patients in 57357 has a story and a challenge that he faces with his family. With your support they can overcome all obstacles and defeat cancer, God Willing.