Thanks to donors’ support of the U.S. based Egypt Cancer Network, RTKL, the renowned global architectural firm has already delivered the schematic and core concept design for 57357’s capacity and program expansion project, the Health Sciences Campus. RTKL was responsible for developing a unique patient and family centered design according to best practice for a pediatric oncology facility and was deeply committed to creating a sustainable fully integrated design between the original building and the new one that will be the first green, energy and waste management efficient hospital in Egypt and the region.
Construction of 57357’s expansion project was formally launched during Ramadan in the presence of Ghada Wali, Minister of Social Solidarity. Arabian Construction Co. (ACC) as Contractor, and Shaker Consultancy group as local consultant prepared for phase 1 site mobilization for a new expanded out-patient building and an administrative facility. The two firms were part of the dream Team that built Hospital 57357. 57357 is committed to turning the actual Hospital into a Health Sciences Campus. The new Campus is to include, besides the aforementioned buildings, a Health s and Sciences Training Academy, a 300 bed in-patient tower and an advanced research Institute. It is expected that the new Campus will double 57357”s present capacity, enabling it to accept 80 to 90% of annual pediatric cancer cases in Egypt.
Two months later,I visited the site. I was curious to chat with some of ACC’s workers about their daily struggles.
Eng. Ahmed Ismail, Executive director of the project: We face the day to day challenges with patience, swiftness and dexterity. I am devoting all my efforts to this project as I have come across incidences of children with cancer not being admitted because of overloaded capacity in the actual premises.
Eng. Abdel Rehim: We are working round the clock with two 12 hour shifts. All workers on site have a very high sense of responsibility towards safeguarding and preventing loss and waste of our resources, materials, and light equipment. ACC is responsible for ensuring a tight security of the site. We are all aware that we are dealing with money donations for the support of sick children with cancer.
As for Eng Adel Youssef, Director of projects of 57357 Group, he highlights the project’s developments:
An RTKL delegation is present in Cairo to review some of the details in the architectural design of subsequent phases of the project namely the health Sciences Training Academy and the In-patient buildings.
On site, ground and sub-structure works have already started and are expected to last for 2 years. Since the beginning of August, a management firm Projacs has been assigned to oversee all works of the project on behalf of 57357.
All design, contracting, and consulting firms are represented on site. Consulting firms include Shaker Consultancy group and their sub consultants IETC and Al Amar group.
I left the site with a good feeling, a mixture of enthusiasm, hope, and anticipation.